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About Veterinary Botanics

Veterinarian Developed Natural Supplements

We are New York City veterinary practice focused on integrative medicine, rehabilitation and acupuncture. Promoting health, well-being, comfort, and longevity for our patients has become a central focus of our practices.

This pursuit has driven us to try to find safe and effective therapies that may help maintain and improve the quality of life of our patients for as long as possible.

In our search, we have concluded that utilizing plant-based therapies with minimal side effects, but that can be supported by science and medicine have helped us be more effective in managing our patients conditions and keeping them comfortable as they age. This has led us to developing Veterinary Botanics.

The goal of our Veterinary Botanics line is to utilize plant based therapies that are selected to decrease pain and inflammation, decrease emotional and physical stress, and support the immune system in a safe and effective way.

We feel that by preventing and decreasing systemic stress and inflammation we can help to promote the health, comfort, and longevity for our patients. We also aim to slow the onset of age related diseases like degenerative joint disease (arthritis) and other physical and emotional stress related diseases..

Starting our herbs and supplements early on in your pet's life can help reduce the dependency on pharmaceutical medications that can have more serious side effects 

"As a veterinary technician I only get feedback about different products that owners use for their pets every once in a while. As a pet owner, I got to see first hand the difference the Hemp Comfort Oil made for my own 14 year old cat who was diagnosed with pancreatitis about 6 months ago. Sammy was always a grazer with his food but once he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, he started to lose weight because his appetite had decreased. It is thought that pancreatitis can be painful and I believe that the hemp oil helped alleviate that pain thus improving his appetite and his overall mood. He's more playful and more active even at 14 years of age. It is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it as a veterinary professional but more importantly as a pet owner."

- Lily, NY, NY